Popcorn Sales



Fund your Unit's most exciting year of Scouting ever by participating in the Trails End Popcorn Sale.  Over 70% of the popcorn sale supports Scouting programs.  Units earn 35% profit on all sales.

Selling popcorn can help your unit fund a Campout, Blue & Gold Celebration, Pinewood Derby, High Adventure, New Equipment, Advancement, Annual Dues to name a few.

Scouts will Learn

  • the value of hard work
  • how to earn their own way
  • public speaking
  • salesmanship and people skills
  • setting and achieving goals
  • Money Management

PLUS your Scouts will love the REWARDS!!  Millions of choices with Amazon Gift Cards

AND your Unit can earn additional funds with the POPSTART Program or POPPIN' PERKS Program.

Three Great Ways to Sell Popcorn

Online Sales

Sell online and ship directly to the customer.  Register your Scout at Trails-End.Com and start their personal online selling page.  Scouts can record their sales on the Trails End app.  Scouts can also share their page via social media.

Show and Sell / Storefront Sales

Leverage high foot traffic and sell popcorn at a business location that has been reserved by Unit Leaders. 

Take Order / Wagon Sales

Direct sales to family, friends, neighbors etc... 


See below for all the resources needed for a successful Sale.

For more information contact Cindy Johnson at popcorn@nepabsa.org

What are you waiting for?

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Guidelines and Tips 

How to Sell $1000 while Social Distancing (Scouts)

How to Fund Your Scouting while Social Distancing (Unit Leaders)

File Name Description
2023 Important Popcorn Dates Download
2023 Order Form Download
Popstart & Poppin' Perks Sales Incentives Download
Trails End Rewards Download
Vehicle Capacity Estimates Download
Warehouse Location Download