2024 First Aid Meet

Troops may register for the First Aid Meet online through our website or by filling out and handing in the form found below. Payments may be made online by credit card or by check at the council store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if your Scouts wish to take the Healthcare Professions merit badge, please make sure to click the green "Add Option" button on the second page ("Options") during online registration. If all Scouts attending the First Aid Meet are taking the merit badge, you can continue on with the registration. However, if some of your Scouts are attending First Aid Meet but NOT taking the Healthcare Professions merit badge, be sure to click "Manage" under the "Added Options" pane on the right side of the screen. From there, adjust the number of youth taking the merit badge. This will ensure we are prepared for the proper number of participants.

  • First Aid Meet 2024
    March 23, 2024

File Name Description
First Aid Meet 2024 Registration Form and Information Packet Download
Health Care Professions Merit Badge Workbook Download
Health Care Professions requic workbook Download