Charter Renewal Resources

The Boy Scouts of America offers an online charter renewal process for units.  Listed below are several resources to assist with a smooth and improved charter recharter renewal process.  All units currently registered with the BSA need to complete this process on a yearly basis.

The 2023 Rechartering Process

It is time once again for Units to begin the rechartering process. To assist units with this process we encourage you to follow the five simple steps listed below. A 2023 user guide and additional resources are available at

1. To start your charter, log into a page marked as internet advancement will open. You will use your username and password from your account to log in. A window will pop up that wants to show you how to do internet advancement. You can skip this process. If you are registered in multiple units proceed to the upper right hand corner and click on the unit for which you are doing the charter. Go to the left side of page and click on recharter. All updates will be made on this page.

2. On the first page you will be able to make all the necessary changes for your unit. The manage member tab will allow you to add or remove members. New applications will need to be uploaded as a PDF or a ZIP file and submitted with the charter. The site will only allow you to upload one attachment per name on the charter. The pencil icon will allow you to change positions for registered adults. Adult applications will need to be turned in for any adult position changes within the Key 3 and/or new adult registrations, any other adult position changes will not need an application submitted to the council.  You will not be able to change addresses for registered members in the rechartering process.  Address changes need to be made in the site or through Scoutbook.

3. When all the information is correct please hit the Refresh tab and then Print Roster. Rosters need to be printed BEFORE you move to the payment page. After you finish going through the online rechartering process, click on validate and pay. This will take you to the next and last page of the process. A pop-up box will appear to tell you if all the information needed is correct. Red icons indicate that you will need to go back and fix and/or add something to complete the charter.

4. DO NOT PAY BY CREDIT CARD OR ONLINE. If you choose credit at this point, you are charged a 3% surcharge! PLEASE click on Pay at Council. Once your charter is submitted the Key 3 and/or any Delegates from your Unit will receive an email via adobe sign. Once the charter is confirmed it will be submitted to the Council. You will need to bring a Unit check with you when you meet with your Commissioner and District Executive to pay for your charter.

5. Upon completion please schedule a time to meet with your Commissioner and/or District Executive for a renewal review of your charter. Charters and payments need to be turned in at the Scout Service and Training Center during the week of December 11 through 16.


1. Training: All leaders MUST have current Youth Protection Training (2025 expiration) by rechartering or they will be dropped from the charter! Please make sure you are taking the mandated YPT Training (approx. 72 minutes) as opposed to the shorter version. The shorter YPT training will not recognize you as trained. The rechartering process will not show you an expiration date on the YPT training. As a member of the Key 3, you can check your leader’s training records at – Menu Tab – Your Unit – YPT Reports. Position Specific training should be completed by all registered leaders. Position Specific Training reports can be found under the Training Manager Tab.

2. PA Clearances must be current and on file at the Council Office for every registered adult. (Valid for 5 Years)

3. National registration fee per person ($60 for adults, $80 for youth), plus the Council Program fee per youth ($30), plus the $100 Unit Liability Fee per unit plus any Scout Life subscriptions. Additionally, if you hand in any new youth applications with your charter, the $25 new member fee will be applied. Families registering with more than two Scouts only need to pay the $30 council program fee for the first two Scouts registered. The final rechartering fee may also change if you have individuals with financial assistance. If you have any Scouters in multiple units, please have them pay with the unit that is their primary registration.

4. Use the charter worksheet to assist you with rechartering and fees.

Please advise all your leaders, committee members, and chartered organization representatives of their training requirements and fees. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact your Commissioner, District Executive or the Council Office for assistance.

Council Contact Information:

Scout Service and Training Center 570-207-1227

Dan Beard District Executive - Bill Zinky 609-339-6250

Two Mountains District Executive – Kevin Bishop 570-207-1227 x227


Youth Applications

Adult Application

Annual Charter Agreement

Charter Renewal Overflow Page



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Annual Charter Agreement Download
Disclosure statement Download
Rechartering Process 2023 Download
Unit Charter Worksheet 2023 Download