You can use the following iCal links to subscribe to one or more of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council Calendars.

To use, Right-Click and save the .ics/iCal link, and paste into your personal calendar to create the subscription. Or you can use the Google link to easily add calendars to your personal (or unit) Google Calendar.

Council Calendar: ICS/iCal - Google

Camping Calendar: ICS/iCal - Google

Dan Beard District: ICS/iCal - Google

Popcorn Sale: ICS/iCal - Google

Training Calendar: ICS/iCal - Google

Two Mountains District: ICS/iCal - Google

Venturing Officers Association: ICS/iCal - Google

Lowwapaneu Lodge 191 Calendar: ICS/iCal - Google


Refer to your calendar's help on how to use .ics files with your personal calendar.