Cub Scouts||3 Camps to Choose From

Get Excited, Get Ready, Get Psyched ...

We want to see CUB SCOUT CAMP THIS summer!



Camp Acahela Cub Scout Resident Camp

Get ready for an adventure at Camp Acahela this summer! There are two exciting Cub Scout overnight camping opportunities to choose from running 5 different weeks starting in June.
Two Options:
Week-Long is a 6-Day 5-Night stay designed for those Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts who are prepared to camp overnight! Boys will stay with their friends in large canvas wall tents on raised platforms.
3-Day Adventure - If six days is too long, how about trying 3-Day Adventure Camp? It begins on Sunday and everyone leaves on Tuesday after the closing.

Cub Scout Day Camps

Get ready for a week of action-packed fun at our great Day Camps being held two different weeks at two different locations - with one near you.
Day Camp is a daytime or evening outdoor program conducted over 5 days.  Cub Scouts will be challenged by lots of activities that may include: nature, hiking, sports, fishing, games, archery, swimming, and much more! 

CLICK HERE for more information at our Cub Scout Day Camp page.

Parent & Pal Weekend Family Camps

Parent & Pal Weekend is designed for spending one-on-one quality time with your son.  It is the perfect 24-hour program for new or experienced campers.  All you have to do pretty much is show up - we take it from there.
Moms and Dads, legal guardians, or adult relatives can attend with their Scout.  The adventure begins Saturday morning and ends Sunday morning after breakfast.  Four weekends to choose from!

Cub Scout Camp Staff Opportunities

Interested in serving on Camp Staff at either Camp Acahela Cub Scout Resident Camp or one of the Cub Scout Day Camps?
Click on the link, below to download the application.