Course Descriptions

General Classes for all Leaders

  • A Way for You to Share Your Talents – What is a District Committee – what do they do – how can I fit in – whether you are new to Scouting, or a 50-year veteran, the District Committee has a place for you!
  • Badge of Wood? – All about Wood Badge – learn how this vital training course will benefit you as a leader and how the skills you learn will enhance your Scouting, personal and professional leadership and team skills.
  • Be A Scout! – how to make the most out of the BSA’s “Be A Scout” campaign – using Facebook, national and council websites and other on-line opportunities to make your unit’s program more efficient.
  • Commissioner’s Do What? – who are they – what do they do – who can serve in this position and what is their responsibility to your unit?
  • Duty to God – Where to find information on awards for ALL faiths, youth and adult – how to conduct a simple Interfaith or Scout’s Own service when camping, hiking, or during other activities. Including “Duty to God” through pack and troop activities.
  • Extra, Extra – Read All About It – how to get your unit’s picture in the paper – “why” and how to publicize your unit – newsletter and publicity ideas – who is responsible – includes contact information.
  • Knots 101 – Knot tying for beginners. Learn the basic knots that every Scout needs to know – also, sample knot boards.
  • Knots – Advanced – more challenging knots – monkey’s fists, Turk’s head, knot games, how to make a ladder, etc.
  • Indian Lore – introduce your Scouts to Native American life – program helps for all units – ties to the Order of the Arrow – create a life-long interest.
  • Liability Protection & More – as a registered Scouter, what insurance protection do you have as a leader and how is your Scout protected. How can you manage the risk for your Scouts and leaders? Important information that every Scouter should know!
  • Neckerchief Slides – samples of slides for every occasion – a way to personalize your uniform.
  • Our Flag – flag protocol – marching in parades – openings and closings for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts – plus program resources for you to use in your unit.
  • NEPA Outdoor Opportunities – hiking, camping “and much more” – opportunities that are right here in your own backyard.
  • Pie Iron Cooking – a different and easy cooking idea that brings together family and friends around a campfire to enjoy easy to cook snacks in a fun and inclusive environment.
  • Webelos to Scout Transition – your Cub Scouts cannot become Eagles unless they join a troop – successful Webelos to Scout transition is a year-round process that involves many people – learn who should be involved – what to do when – how to make a seamless move from Webelos to Boy Scouts. Your Cub Scouts are the “seed corn” of Scouting!
  • We’re In the Money – financing your unit – how to run successful fundraisers – budgeting for your yearly program – how much money does your unit need for their “ideal year of Scouting” – tools of the trade.

Cub Scout Program

  • Ceremonies That Rock! – there are lots of opportunities for ceremonies in your den and pack program – ideas to make them exciting and memorable.
  • We have to…CAMP?? – Enjoy, enjoy the great outdoors! Camping programs for Cub Scouts in our council – how to run a camp promotion program for your unit and camping tips for you and your Scouts.
  • Creative Cubs – fit crafts into your program for a reason – projects for all levels of Scouting. Crafts help a Scout learn to care for basic tools and materials, learn to follow directions, use their imaginations and develop coordination and dexterity.
  • Cubs on the Move – anything and everything you need to know about the new awards program and then some.
  • First Responder – replaces Readyman – requirements designed to help your Scouts learn the basics of first aid, serving as a base for future Boy Scout badge requirements.
  • Get Your Pack on Track! – Focusing on Pack Administration – what paperwork is needed, when and why it is needed – JTE 101 – a year in the life of your Pack!
  • Let’s Get Physical – games for all levels of Cub Scouts, including the new SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge. Games! They’re more than just play time!
  • On To Boy Scouts! – focus will be on getting Webelos ready for crossover, Arrow of Light crossover ceremonies, and learning how a Troop is run, what is the patrol method, etc.
  • New & Improved Super Scout – Stem/Nova – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – how to fit the BSA’s new and improved initiative into your Cub Scout program.
  • Pack Meeting Nightmares! – how to develop and lead fun Pack Meetings that show off the accomplishments of the boys in your Pack, and where everyone has a job and has fun!
  • Return of the Space Derby! – everything you need to know about running your first Space Derby – set-up, judging, refreshments, decorations, awards, score sheets, the best track and more.
  • Whittlin’ Chip Without Stitches – how to teach the fine motor skills required for whittling before using a pocket knife. Learn to use alternate tools for pain-free practice – NOTE: Please bring a pocket knife to this class.

Boy Scout Program

  • All About Merit Badges – everything you need to know about merit badges, but were afraid to ask! New pamphlets (some digitalized), new badges.
  • BSA High Adventure Programs – beyond the normal – activities of a lifetime that your Scouts will remember forever – hiking Philmont – sailing the Florida Keys – canoeing in the Northern Tier – how to get your Scouts there.
  • Rock Climbing – how to get your unit rock climbing on both artificial walls and natural walls. Learn about climbing locations, climbing knots, ropes, hardware, harnesses and helmets.
  • Life to Eagle Process – learn about the Life Scout to Eagle Scout process – how do you get started – who is responsible – what paperwork is needed.
  • Map, Compass & GPS – Learn to orient a map, understand contour lines, understand declination and triangulation – how to set up a compass course – as well as combining all of this with GPS technology. Note: Please bring a compass and GPS to this class, if possible.
  • NEPA COPE Programs – what is COPE. How can my unit participate? Why is it important? Low Course exercise fun!
  • Order of the Arrow – what is the Order of the Arrow – learn how your troop can involve both youth and adults in this national honor camping program – local and national leadership training opportunities available for both youth and adults, including NOAC (the National Order of the Arrow Conference).
  • Scoutmaster Conferences – what is supposed to happen at a Scoutmaster Conference and how to add quality and make it meaningful for your Scouts.
  • Stem/Nova for Boy Scouts – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – how to fit the BSA’s new & updated initiative into your Boy Scout program.
  • Troop Board of Review – how to get the most out of your Boards of Review – what you should and should not be doing – who sits on the Board of Review.
  • Troop Court of Honor – why do you need courts of honor and how to carry out a great one for your Scouts and their families.
  • Who Runs Your Troop – … you or your senior patrol leader – what is involved in running your own troop leadership training weekend – what youth leadership training programs are available on a council and a national level – you’ve read about them in Boys’ Life, your Scouts can participate too – includes Patrol Leader Council meetings.

Venturing Program

  • Awards & Recognition – updated awards and recognition program – STEM / Nova – how to work all into your Venturing program.
  • Opportunities for Venturers – what opportune-ties are there for Venturers at the unit, district, council and national level. What is different about Venturing camp from regular summer camp – who can attend, and more.
  • Venturing 101 – an overview of the Venturing program – program changes for youth and adults how to be a great advisor – working with both genders in Scouting – and more.