Units may return Show and Sell popcorn prior to November 14 to the office for redistribution to other units. ALL RETURNS TO THE OFFICE MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE.

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Council reserves the right to adjust unit orders as needed.

Units with a prior sales history may INITIALLY order popcorn product based on a 10% percent increase over last year’s actual Show and Sell product sales. Example: If you sold 100 18-Pack “Unbelievable Butter” Microwave boxes in the 2014 Show & Sell you can initially order 110 18-Pack “Unbelievable Butter” Microwave boxes for 2015.

Units with no prior sales history may INITIALLY order popcorn based on $100 of product per registered Scout.

Additional products will be available for sale in the event the unit runs short or out of product.


The Northeastern Pennsylvania Council recognized the $10 Scout Buck reward for filling a sheet is a great motivator. Therefore, the council will continue the $10 Scout Buck reward for filling a sheet for the Take-Order and/or Show and Deliver Sales Only.  See “Full Sheet Bonus” on Incentives page for details.


All follow-up sales are to only be made using a cash and carry basis (For additional sales after the December 5th distribution).


  • NEW PRODUCT – Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese
  • Discontinued Products – Buffalo Cheddar Cheese, Gourmet Kettle Corn, Bacon Ranch,
    Dark & White Choclatey Drizzle, Sweet & Savory Box
  • Coming back this year is the Microwaveable Kettle Corn and Chocolatey Triple Delight
  • New larger size for Caramel Corn with almonds, pecans and cashews now 22 oz.
  • No more resealable packaging.