Camp Cards

Camp Cards Fundraising Program 2017

What is a Camp Card? – A Camp card is a discount card that provides the purchasers numerous discounts to restaurants and retailers throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Each card is sold for $5.00.  The deals on the card far exceed the purchase amount.  Scouts are encouraged to sell as many as they can.  The Scout/Unit will earn 50% ($2.50 per card) of all sales

Why is it called the Camp Card? – Many units use the Camp Card program as a way for a Scout to earn his own way to summer camp.  The Camp Card may be used by a unit to help offset fees for a unit trip or any Scouting activity.

What makes the Camp Card better than other fundraisers? – There is no risk to your unit!  All your unit needs to do is agree to participate in the 2017 Camp Card Program and request the number of cards your unit intends to sell.  Once your unit has the 2017 Camp Cards you will issue them to your Scouts one bundle at a time.  Each bundle is 10 cards (or $50.00 worth of cards).  At the end of the sale your unit will return all unsold cards and 50% of the sales revenues to the Council Office.  Your unit retains the other 50% of the total sales revenues.

How long is the sale? – The sale will run from February 13 to May 6, 2017.

Why do customers support the Camp Card Program? – They are supporting a Scout earning his way to summer camp.  Most people relate Scouting with camping.  Second – it has a great price point at $5.00 which makes it very easy to support.  Third – the value of the card is worth much more than the $5.00 purchase price.

How do I sign my unit up? – Just complete the Camp Card order form anytime after Jan 15th (pre-orders are encouraged) and get your cards.

For questions or help: - Contact Dave at 570-207-1227 x225, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Cindy at 570-207-1227 x244, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key Dates & FAQs

February 1st to Feburary 13th - Sign Up & Pre-order your cards.
February 14th 
– Distribution Begins
May 6th – Settlement (50% of sales and all unsold cards due to Council)
June to AugustGO TO CAMP!   HAVE FUN!

Q: How do I get my cards?

A: Complete an order from anytime after February 1st and order a specific number of cards.  Pick them up from the Service Center.  Distribute the cards to the Scouts to sell.

Q: Can I sell Camp Cards if my unit does not?

A: Yes, you complete the same forms and follow the same rules as the unit.  You are a 'Single Seller'.

Q: When does the sale take place?

A: The sale is to take place from February 13, 2017 to May 6, 2017.  All sales must be settled on or before the sale ending date of May 6, 2017.

Q: How many cards should I order?

A: Units should set a goal based on the number of Scouts in the unit.  You may take up to 10 cards per active Scout in your unit. (Council reserves the right to set limits)  Units might want to set goals for Scouts to earn a certain portion of their trip to camp.

Q: What are the rules for returning unsold cards?

A: Units can return unsold, intact cards.  Returns are due along with payment on or before May 6, 2017.

Q: Can I get more cards once the sale is underway?

A: YES!  You can sign up, or order additional cards if they run out, as long as supplies last.

Q: How do I start my sale?

A: Begin with your immediate family members: parents, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc… the easy targets!

Q: Where should Scouts sell these cards?

A: Church, neighborhoods, parents’ workplace, community/sponsoring organization events, etc.  Do NOT sell in front of businesses on the cards.

Q: My unit is going somewhere else for summer camp.  Can we participate in this?

A: Yes, a unit can use its share of the proceeds of this sale toward any Scouting adventure it chooses.

Q: Can a Scout wear his uniform while selling Camp Cards?

A: Yes, this is a council approved money earning project.  So, like the popcorn sale, a Scout is encouraged to wear his uniform while working on the sale.

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