Pinewood Campsite

Pinewood is the perfect combination of an open air site with great views of the mountains beyond and shady knoll. Located at the top of our camp on the Upper Road, it sits near the Health Lodge and Handicraft Lodge which makes it accessible almost all year round.

Site Capacity: For small to medium sized units
Special Features: Great views, accessible, lots of sun and shade
Latrine type: Classic pit latrine with wash stand

Site Specifics

Pinewood in the Summer features:

  • 10 2-man platforms with tents
  • 2 Nylon Canvass Amy-style cots in each tent.
  • Program tarp & Dining Fly
  • 1 Picnic Table
  • Lightly wooded area yielding a good amount of sunshine during the day.
  • Has it's own latrine and washstand.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Platforms remain in place and may be used with your own tents.
  • Water generally at site from mid-May to late October.
  • Usually accessible during the winter

Location of Campsite in Camp

Location of Pinewood Campsite in camp.

Campsite Layout

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Site Gallery

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