Welcome to the Venturing Officer's Association (VOA) of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, BSA.

Inside you'll find information on the role of the VOA in our council, Venturing activities we're planning, training, and Venturing Crew support provided by the VOA.  Come on out to our VOA meetings and help shape the Venturing Program throughout the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council!



Welcome to the Venturing Officers’ Association of the Northeastern Pennsylvania! For the most up to date information on the NEPA Venturing Officers’ Association, you can visit our website here. In addition to that information, the most fundamental question we often receive is “What is Venturing?” To answer that question in official terms, Venturing is a division of the Boy Scouts of America for young adults, both men and women, ages 14- 21. The purpose of the Venturing program is to provide positive experiences to help youth mature and to prepare them to become responsible adults. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.
The real definition of Venturing, as the youth who are part of the program see it, is up to interpretation. Venturing Crews, which are the Venturing equivalent of Boy Scout Troops, may choose to specialize in any area they choose - whether it be a medical specialization, or an outdoor specialization, a climbing specialization, or even a medieval battle reenactment specialization. Those crews will then design a program that fits their specialization and is suitable for them. Many crews choose to not specialize at all, and do whatever new and exciting things they feel like doing.
Venturing, like Boy Scouting, also has a recognition/ advancement system and opportunities for leadership training – both of which are ultimately optional. A Venture crew votes on what they want to do as a crew and their advisers guide them, only when needed, with their chosen journey.  Simply put, Venturing is truly a youth led program.  The Area 5 Motto is “Your World, Your time, Your Venturing!” and the NEPA Council VOA is here to help.
We are here to help you join or start the crew of your dreams, help you with program, teach leadership skills, and hold programs that bring youth and adult together in a fun filled learning environment.
Visit our youth led website at voa.nepabsa.org 
Our Council VOA is part of the Area 5 VOA, their website can be found at  http://www.ne5venturing.org/
The Northeast Region Website is http://nerventuring-bsa.org/
The National Venturing website  http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Venturing.aspx

Venturing Officer's Association
2012 - 2013 Officers


Donnie Stephens - President

Hello All! My name is Donald Stephens, and I am proud to serve you and the rest of the youth in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council as your Council Venturing president!

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Tyler Sepcoski - Vice President of Administration

Hey guys! My name is Tyler Sepcoski and I’m honored to serve as you and the rest of those in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council as the Vice President of Administration.

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Caitlin Croke - Vice President of Program

Hey Everyone! My name is Caitlin Croke and I'm so honored to serve everyone in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council as the Council Vice President of Program!

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Bridget McGowan - Vice President of Communications

Hi Everybody! My name is Bridget McGowan, and I am honored to serve you in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council as your Council Venturing Vice President of Communications!

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Aaron Grier - Vice President of Membership

Hey everybody!! My name is Aaron Grier, and for the 2012-2013 term I will be serving NEPA as your Vice President of Membership. 

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Previous Presidents of the NEPA Council VOA

Cara Sepcoski - Immediate President - July 2010-June 2012

My name is Cara Sepcoski and I am the 2012-2013 NER Area 5 VOA President. I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania Council and I have been in Venturing for six years now. Prior to being in venturing, I was part of my Girl Scout Troop here in NEPA. If you count from the time I was a brownie scout, I have over 12 years in scouting experience. Within that time, I have earned both the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards. I have also earned the Venturing Bronze, Venturing Gold, Venturing Silver, Ranger and Council Venturing Leadership Awards. I am currently in my Junior year of College at Misericordia University in Dallas PA, Majoring in Speech Language Pathology.

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Shelby Heart - June 2010-July 2010





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If you need help with your Scout unit, or just a new uniform, the staff of the Scout Service and Training Center is here to help you make Scouting successful in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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